Welcome to Year 4

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As well as our daily maths, English and Reading sessions, we also learn through a theme-based curriculum using the ‘Cornerstone’ approach. This centres on the belief that children learn better when their interests and fascinations are allowed to flourish. 


 What we’re learning

Autumn 1

In the first half term of the academic year, we will be motivating our children through the topic ‘Potions’. We will think about what a potion is - a mixture, an aromatic brew, a vapour, a liquid or a sticky goo? The children will take part in an engaging dress up day and have the opportunity to create their own magical and mystical potions. What will you make of Professor Hazard as you take part in his potions lesson…

Autumn 2

Join us as we travel and explore through the many might mountain peaks of the world. Discover how mountains are formed. Will you be able to recognise fold or block mountains? What is the difference between a dome and a plateau? You will follow the water cycle’s course from the peak to the valley and meet some of the exceptional tribes of the Himalayas. What will you include on your mountain expedition and how will you make sure the trip you plan is safe and eco friendly?

Spring 1

Grab your wetsuit as we dive into our underwater topic “Blue Abyss”. You will discover a world of beautiful coral and mysterious sea creatures as you explore each layer of the vast ocean. Join us on our class trip to find out more first hand from the experts of the sea. Use your imagination to create a fishy story about an underwater world. Learn all about bioluminescence and create a 3D art exhibition to showcase your amazing range of art work based on a variety of interesting sea creatures.

Spring 2

During the second half of the Spring Term, we will be learning to be Roman warriors. Meet them in the battle with your swords. Wield your axes. Invade and attack, Romans versus the Celts, the fight is on…

Discover warring Britain: meet Claudius, Boudicca and Julius Caesar, and find out what the Romans did for us.

Get ready for Gladiator School and learn alongside Spartacus and Spiculus: brave soldiers of the Roman Colosseum. When all that battling makes you hungry, relax, lie back and feast yourself on dormice and grapes, or perhaps a roasted swan sprinkled with nuts?

Summer 1

At the start of the summer, we will be travelling back in time to the Anglo Saxons. Big and tough, powerful and brave, the Saxons sway their battle axes and brandish their swords as they begin to invade Britain’s shores. Sail back to the Dark Ages into battles galore.

Who will create an intricate Anglo Saxon pattern? Will you discover where the Vikings journeyed to in their afterlife? Dress as an Anglo Saxon and hold a trade fair of all your fabulous wares.

Summer 2

As our final topic of the Year we will journey through America. Flying from London Gatwick, and arriving at JFK airport New York, it’s time to explore the sights and sounds of the big apple.

Meet the Iroquois tribe; Native Americans with fascinating customs and traditions. Who will weave an amazing dream catcher? Design a classic American car, how will you make it move?