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Our aim at Hockley Heath Academy is to provide stimulating and challenging experiences in maths that result in confident, mathematically skilled and numerate children.

To fulfil our aims, we strive to provide high quality teaching that is oral, interactive and lively. The children are encouraged to be active participants in all lessons and are supported in being independent learners.

A typical daily lesson may include:

Oral and mental starter

  • Oral and mental work to reinforce and refine skills.

Main teaching and child activities

  • Clear learning intentions shared with children.

  • Direct teaching input.

  • Opportunities for children to apply their learning in a variety of ways.

  • Continued interaction and intervention as appropriate.

  • Misconceptions identified.


  • Feedback from children to identify progress and sort misconceptions.

  • Summary of key ideas, what to remember.

  • Consolidation, links made to other work, next steps.



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